Sunday, October 30, 2005

Screwdriver, Chrome Ball, and Gear Sprocket

Finally, I have made something that really looks seamless and very close to a production level work! As you can see here, I have made a screwdriver and a gear sprocket. Before I get into the details, I would like to thank Micah Wagner for his great tutorials and personal help, without which I could have never made such photorealistic objects.
Here I have modeled these objects using simple polygon modeling, and used Booleans to shape the polygons for a desired look. Finally, I rendered it using "Mental Ray" in which I have used FG (Final Gather) with global illumination, HDRI (High Dynamic Ranged Imagery) and DoF (Depth of Field).
I hope you like my work. I would appreciate your constructive comments greatly.


Chitra Prasad said...

Well Done..I was really impressed by the Water -Flow animation and the 3-d screw drivers...

Wickstonia Digital Animation said...

hey Amrit Derghawen,

first of all thanks for your comment on my blog :p. I realy like your stuff too man!! love that global illuminated\caustics screwdriver man!

Take care and lots of luck in the future with 3d! I'm trying to Master Maya myself (with the Mastering Maya: The Fundamantals" class in => it ROCKS!!!) so I hope that one day I'll be good enough to make money out of my hobby\passion!

take care


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James Baker said...

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Wickstonia Digital Animation said...

hm I think the 2 posts above are spam?! Very nice spoon image btw!! I love it!

BaRToNiX said...

Yo, I figured out a more "effective" type of metal, that makes a good chrome but it's just.. Very CG looking, try this out, make D black, G a light gray, or a dark gray, if you want, and S, black, make shiny 4, when I say D, G, S, like that I mean, D = Diffuse, G = Glossy, and S = Specular, this should give you a more rough feel to your object. ;) Diffuse would be more of a technical term for it actually. Good luck with your 3D Amrit!

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