Sunday, October 30, 2005

Screwdriver, Chrome Ball, and Gear Sprocket

Finally, I have made something that really looks seamless and very close to a production level work! As you can see here, I have made a screwdriver and a gear sprocket. Before I get into the details, I would like to thank Micah Wagner for his great tutorials and personal help, without which I could have never made such photorealistic objects.
Here I have modeled these objects using simple polygon modeling, and used Booleans to shape the polygons for a desired look. Finally, I rendered it using "Mental Ray" in which I have used FG (Final Gather) with global illumination, HDRI (High Dynamic Ranged Imagery) and DoF (Depth of Field).
I hope you like my work. I would appreciate your constructive comments greatly.

Monday, October 24, 2005

LCD Monitor

Hello there! As you can see here, I've modeled an LCD monitor in 3D Studio Max using the basics of box modeling. In the picture you can see that the monitor screen is showing my desktop, and the other picture is showing the UI of 3ds Max (This is how my screen looked when I was texturing my monitor!) I would love to hear your comments, so I can further improve my work.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

NOTICE ! ! ! !

I've uploaded my animation movies. They're in the 'My animations' column. Please check them out and send your valuable comments. Thanks.

Lightening Effect

I made this simple lightening effect using Maya. The two 'electrodes' were modeled using simple 'primitives'. Well, I think it looks great! I hope you will like it as well! You can also see a video clip of this effect (My animations > LighteningEffect). I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

My First 3Ds Max Project!

This is my first 3Ds Max project! I made this with the help of the tutorial files supplied with 3Ds Max. This hourglass is fully animated, but here I used a single frame with a black background. It really looks neat eh? I never thought it would look this good. But when I rendered the scene, it looked awesome!!!!