Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Some Cool Tips and Tricks!

Hi there everyone!

I've been a little under active on my blog, but now you will find me here quite often sharing thoughts, tips/tricks, animation, etc. YAY!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Check out some really cool articles from a good friend and a very nice guy, Kevan Shorey (animator, PDI/Dreamworks and mentor at AnimationMentor.com). Some really gold stuff.

What Is Twinning? When Should You Use Twinning in a Shot?

How Do Animators Use Contrast?

There could be many more, check out his webpage/blog. Enjoy!

Thanks a lot Kevan for sharing all this and letting me link them up here.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Terrorizing puppet

Hi guys,

I'm totally blown off. Check out this cool puppet video of a puppet terrorist named Ahmad. This puppeteer is just brilliant. Check out the eyes..... it leads the motion and shows every single thought coming in to the brain of the character, and it looks like he is really using his brain to think. Wow, brilliant stuff for animators, and so much to learn. Thanks YouTube!! Enjoy..... YAY!!!!!!!!