Thursday, October 19, 2006

Norman Strut Cycle (Milt Kahl type)

Norman Strut (781kb QuickTime)

Hey guys!
Yesterday I was waiting for Keith's VTS-20. It got delayed because of some technical difficulties Keith was facing. Right now I'm doing one acting/dialog secene for my reel, and I wanted to watch VTS-20 before breaking down my scene any further. Yesterday I had nothing to do...I was just sitting around, and getting bored. So I decided to make one "Milt Kahl type" Strut Cycle using my Norman rig. It was fun!! And I love this Disney looking strut!
Hope you enjoy it..


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Character Ball finished......

Hey guys!

Today, I'm done with SHOT-2. I've compiled SHOT-1 and SHOT-2, and now I'm done with my animation!
I could've worked longer on this, but I've to finish up lots of other things. So, this if final.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Character Ball SHOT - 1

Hello World!

Yesterday evening, I started working on one "character ball" animation for CGTantra animation session. It will have two shots.. Today I'm done with SHOT-1...... Tomorrow I'll finish up SHOT-2 and I'll combine SHOT-1 and SHOT-2 to complete the story....Sorry, can't tell you the story right now.....I could've dovoted some more hours on the timing of this shot. But I think it looks okay. I already have one very difficult acting/dialog animation in hand, which I've to finish up for my reel. So, I'm not gonna devote any more time on SHOT-1. I'm done with SHOT-1....and this is final.

Softwere used - Maya (animation)
- MonkeyJam (timing)

I'll keep ya'll updated.... Thanks for visiting!

SHOT - 1

Friday, October 06, 2006

GreasePencil doodle...

Baseball Pitcher on Vimeo

Just doodling with Jason Schleifer's GreasePencil tool for Maya. However, I didn't get time to make a 3d version of it...but I'm planning to make one soon...just for fun!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Go Pocoyo!!!!

Man....I love this Pocoyo show!! This is really entertaining! Just take a look at its animation style....Its freakin' awesome!! and it doesn't look p i x a r-ish, its totally different.... Its timing is so perfect, that it reminds me of the Tom and Jerry Show! Their rigs/models look very simple, but somehow they manage to bring out every emotion they need to tell the story. Just take a look at the storytelling....pretty good 'eh ?

My dearest friend Neha (a Pocoyo freak!), told me about this show. She is really crazy about Pocoyo....And now, I'm too!! Yup...I just love all this childish stuff...yeeeeaaaah baby! ...but that doesn't mean I love Barney.....! Ohhhh, C'MON! I can't love Barney, I'm a big boy now!! errrr.....

Do Visit the Pocoyo website!!