Saturday, February 16, 2008

Carlos Baena : Website updated

Carlos Baena, has always been an inspiration for me. Recently he has updated his website, so check it out! Its really cool. You cannot afford to miss the Tips and Tricks section of his website. Great stuff!! Also, check out his Animation feature work. The two Ratatouille shots that Carlos has done are my favorites, and I used to wonder, who could have done all the disgustingly awesome work! I know! Its Carrrrlllos!! :D
Thanks a lot Carlos for sharing all your great stuff!


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Animation Podcast: James Baxter

Check out this great interview (part 1) of James Baxter on the Animation Podcast website.
He is one of the best animators working today, and some of the characters he brought to life include Belle, Rafiki, Quasimodo, Moses, and Spirit. On the CG side, he also served as a supervising animator on Shrek 2 and Madagascar.

In the podcast he talks about.... Animating Roger Rabbit, spacing and the technical aspects of animation, his early struggle with the Little Mermaid, finding a workflow, analyzing Milt Kahl, and much more!

Really inspiring stuff!