Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Powerhouse of Animation

Hi everybody!
I feel very proud to say that I've joined Keith Lango's video tutorial service, and I've also bought the Animator's Survival Kit, by Richard Williams.
In this month's VTS, Keith covered acting, defining your characters (Approaches to creating distinct personalities and expressions in each character), Energy level, Power centers, and lots of other stuff. I think that this is well worth the money.Thanks a lot Keith!!
click on Keith's picture to visit his website

I've also been reading the Animator's Survival kit and going through each and every concept very carefully. This book is a bible for animators. Williams himself is a legendary animator. You get to learn the techniques which were used by the masters. Richard Williams had Disney animator Art Babbitt, Warner, and the great Ken Harris working in his studio in London and training a new generation of animators in the techniques of good character animation, which was not taught at the time in any school or considered an art form. Hats off to Willims.

And thanks a lot to my friend Alex Crouch, who recommended me this book, and shares his valuable knowledge with me.

Monday, March 20, 2006

March 10 second animation finally done

click on the picture to see the animation

NOTE: If this link doesn't work try this link---->Tukk's Bad Day

So my animation is finally finished and submitted to the club. Now I'm waiting for the voting period. Let's see what happens.
Well, here is the little STORY OF MY ANIMATION:
Tukk the alien missed his return flight to planet Xordon and is really depressed. He decides to wait for the next spaceship at his friend Merlyn’s restaurant. Merlyn is trying his best to cheer him up.

A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ITS CREATION: 1) I spent some time listening to the sound file 2)I determined the personalities of the characters 3)I acted out the characters in front of a mirror 4)I imagined and thumbnailed the whole scene 5)I blocked in key poses 6)converted to linear 7)retimed and made the breakdowns 8)shuffled the keyframes to loosen up a bit 9)Added lip-sync and facial expressions 10)converted to spline 11)added secondary motions and overlaps 12)fixed the f-curves as needed, created the lights, 13)I used playblast to check my animation 14)Rendered

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Making this month's 10 second club animation

I started on this month's 10 second animation a few days back. And I'm still in the linear pass. Yesterday, I didn't do or add anything new in my animataion, as I was going through some of the articles on characer animation written by Keith Lango. Finally, I've subscribed Kieth's video tutorials on character animation. That'll be of great help to me. Today I'll continue on my 10 second animation. The basic animation is already finished, but fine tuning the animation takes a hell of a time! MAN!!!!!!!!