Saturday, October 08, 2005

NOTICE ! ! ! !

I've uploaded my animation movies. They're in the 'My animations' column. Please check them out and send your valuable comments. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Best of the blogs
I worked with Harriet Miers. She's a lovely person: intelligent, honest, capable, loyal, discreet, dedicated ... I could pile on the praise all morning.
Good evening, I find it very refreshing to sometimes find a site such as yours with a completely different topic . It somehow ads to ones list of lifes experiences.

I tend to have a soft spot for blogs related to home business opportunities and /or sites that have a central theme around home business opportunities type items.

Once again, thank you, hope you don't mind if I visit again sometime :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent work! You show a great promise in this area. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You are highly skilled at graphic design. These clips you have created are outstanding. After you receive your degree and get your first job, your opportunities are endless. I wish you good luck in this field.

Parameswaran M said...

hi amrit,
Wonderful work.
Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic...your excellent work speaks highly of your skills...Your work is well- structured and composed..I am looking forward to more of this exhillarating stuff..