Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My recent Test Animations (Animation Mentor Style)!!!!

Hey everyone! For the past few weeks, I was working on some basic traditional animation techniques. Currently I worked on some bouncing ball exercises from the Animator’s Survival Kit. One of my friends, who passed out from the “Animation Mentor”, compiled his AM work and made it available to me.

MY APPROACH TO LEARNING: First, I learn the basics from the Animator’s Survival Kit, then I analyze my friend's work and try to find a better approach. It takes a lot out of me, but it’s really rewarding!
I was just testing and improving my animation skills and these are some of my test animations! Check'em out!!

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Anonymous said...

amrit you are awsome
im your fan really because i can see your creativity and technical intelligency in your work .you do hard work and it sees in your amazing work