Friday, August 18, 2006

...Some Poses...

Hey folks!

Here is my new EXCITED pose. Sorry for the delay. My life was not easy today and yesterday. Just lots of crappy and boring work get into my life!! HUH!

Okay! Here we go!! This is my character George (if you wanna know something about George and his personality, please read my previous "George the Cowboy" post!)

Wow! Look at him! He's darn happy and excited! He has won a car in a lottery or something!! And he is showing it to us! Wow! What could be better than that. Now George and Martha can go for a long drive! Now...thats MUCH better than that old lawn tractor!! YAY!!

Well, let him enjoy his time, annnnd....You tell me..... do you like it? If you DO NOT like it! Please let me know the things you don't like.... That'll be a great help for me. So, please help me to further improve my work.
Thanks a lot for all you help and support! I really appreciate it.

Thank you all. :)
CG software: Maya 7
RIGS used: Norman (thanks to Lief Jeffers), Car rig (many thanks to Chris Burn for this piece of art!)
Character Name: George the Cowboy

Hi folks!

Unfortunately, I didn't get enough time to make all the three poses. I just did the bored pose. Hopefully, I'll submit the other two poses (excited, depressed) by the end of this week. This pose took me around 8-10 hours to make. Yeah, you may think that I'm a retard working on just one pose for so long (actually I am)! Well, usually whenever I block my animation (blocking 1st pass), I try to devote as much time as I can on my poses and emotion. So, thats what I did over here. I hope its looking okay!

RIG used:
CG Software used: Maya 7
Character Name:
George the Cowboy
George's history and personality: Hi everyone!! Meet George! George the cowboy!! Wow I gave him a name!! weeee....hehe..This guy is HONEST, NOT very agressive, but sometimes short-tempered. Because he wants everyone to treat him well, be honest like him and give him some respect. So, if someone shows disrespect for him, he blasts in anger, because he never fails to treat everyone with respect, and he wants the same in return. He is a NICE guy, and fun to talk to. He likes jokes. He likes girls (he's NOT A GAY!!) but he is a bit shy. He is not married. He doesn't like to hang around with lots of girls. He is pretty happy with his girlfriend MARTHA and is planning to get married soon. George loves Martha a lot, and Martha loves him too! Of course, they are made for each other. Jeorge is full of manners, and he doesn't like to fart in someone's funeral. But yeah!! He is a bit short tempered guy. And...He is not that organized. Visit his bedroom. Its a mess!! Nothing is in its place. Sometimes he gets scolded by his girlfriend for not keeping the bedroom tidy. Ask his girlfriend Martha about his bedroom, she'll be glad to tell you all! BUT he is very mannered. He is very curious too about everything, he wants to learn new things and new technology and takes a keen interest in every new thing. He loves his dog Mc Man a lot. Mc Man is a British labrador (he loves George and his company).

So thats all I can think about George. This was an attempt to give him some life and chararcter. So, I had to write all this boring story! Well, look at 'em!! Poor 'ol George! He is sick and tired of working in his farm. He is BORED of working in his farm everyday. He wants to do something else. Something which is fun to do! Maybe he wats to animate! Well....who knows!

George is in trouble! Big trouble!! Last night George had a heated discussion with Martha about her priorities in life. And now Martha is no longer, on talking terms, with George! George wants to forget about the whole thing but Martha doesn't wanna talk to him anymore. He tried to convince her but, its no use! Oh brother!! Now what'll happen to this relationship? Will it end in a break-up? No! It can't be! George and Martha are made for each other, remember? There's gotta be a way to get rid of this nasty problem.
George called his best friend "Lasorna the Alien" to help him with this. What a good luck! Lasorna was on earth at that time. He was visiting earth to attend an "INTERGALACTIC SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM CONFERENCE" in Orlando, Florida. Lasorna lives on the planet "Nebular Zudicha". He travelled 9.8667 thousand light years to attend this conference on Earth. Wow! And now he is gonna visit George to solve this problem. George, really has got some very good friends!

As you can see in this picture (I took it, when I was passing by), Lasorna is telling George to calm down and let him fix this mess. These things do happen sometimes in a love-hate relationship. Getting depressed would make the matter worse.

Lasorna will talk to Martha, and yeah!! He can convince her! He is a nice and clever Alien!

Well, hope for the best! And....C'mon George!! Don't be depressed! Cheer up buddy!

Okay guys, let's keep our fingers crossed!


Hey everybody!

I made some poses for CGTantra's "Pose" session. It was a good practice! It was really fun doing all these! I'm watching Keith Lango's "Poses" videos almost everyday to improve my work. No doubt, good poses makes good animation! So, I'm devoting as much time as possible on posing.


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