Monday, October 09, 2006

Character Ball SHOT - 1

Hello World!

Yesterday evening, I started working on one "character ball" animation for CGTantra animation session. It will have two shots.. Today I'm done with SHOT-1...... Tomorrow I'll finish up SHOT-2 and I'll combine SHOT-1 and SHOT-2 to complete the story....Sorry, can't tell you the story right now.....I could've dovoted some more hours on the timing of this shot. But I think it looks okay. I already have one very difficult acting/dialog animation in hand, which I've to finish up for my reel. So, I'm not gonna devote any more time on SHOT-1. I'm done with SHOT-1....and this is final.

Softwere used - Maya (animation)
- MonkeyJam (timing)

I'll keep ya'll updated.... Thanks for visiting!

SHOT - 1

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