Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hey guys!

Yesterday morning I started drawing thumbnails and planning the scene. And today I'm done with it! YEYY!! I think this time I was quite fast! The credit goes to Keith and his power packed VTS...and Shawn Kelly for his cool Animation Mentor Tips and Tricks newsletter. I hope you like this animation... and I still have to improve a lot. Thanks a lot to my friend Ramtin for making this cool Moom rig!

Click here to download Dreamer (QuickTime 1.4 MB)

dreamer on Vimeo

Few days back, I bought a cool book "Thinking Animation". Right now I'm on page 34, and can't wait to proceed further... It's awesome I tell you! Go and get it!!!! :)



bala said...

wow amrit..i liked it..guess this is ur first xperimnt wid lip sync.n it came out well...keep going..

hey,by the way hw do u put youtube link ovr here???

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hey bala! glad you like it!

nope! this is not my first lip-sync animation....Yeah, I'm doing these acting/dialog animations after a long time. I was just concentrating more on the basics and traditional skills. I made this animation just to warm up, and brush up my skills. And I'll make better stuff next time!

YouTube will give you an "embed" code. Just copy it and paste it somewhere in your post. And you're done!