Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still working.....polishing

I'm still working on my strut competition animation. I'm working hard to polish it. However, I'm afraid I might not be able to polish hogan, but I'll try my best. I really wish I had more time to work on this scene. I know that I could've done much better. Right now, I'm kinda struggling to get rid of that puppet look and "pose to pose" look. I said "struggling", because working this fast really hurts me! Well, I know that this will help me later on. Now I believe that, I'll be able to make better animations in less time. I'm kinda improving and customizing my work flow and I believe that its very similar to Keith's work flow. He is a real genius, and his work flow helps me a lot!!
I'm also learning how to mix straight ahead into pose to pose animation to get rid of that "pose to pose" look. I like working pose to pose but I don't like that puppet look in my animation.

Whenever I animate something, first I watch Keith Lango's VTS and watch him animating. This helps me to kinda get into that "Keith-ey mode". And by watching an experienced pro animate, really helps me get into that mode...and I produce less crappy animation. Aaaaaah! I wish my animation looked even half as good as Keith's! I'm working hard to get there! I know its not that easy....hehheh!

Stay tuned for the final update.


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