Sunday, April 22, 2007

animating again!

Aaah! It feels so great.... My computer is working properly and I'm animating again!!
Here's something I doodled inside Maya using Jason's Grease Pencil script.... Hope you like it. And soon I'm gonna wind up my "whats the smell" shot! So, stay tuned! :)



DJ said...

good idea!

Nice idea to copy jason ryan and other such greats.. its a great learning tool! keep going! Only thing I would say is to really observe the poses, spacing and overlaps and drags while you are copying, then may be try to do it from memory after a week or so... Keep rocking!


Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hi DJ,
Well, he is an inspiration!! I'm a big fan of Jason Ryan and I pray to God to grant me some kinda power, so that one day I may become half as good as Jason! His every frame/drawing is stellar and very educative. But you know what, I copied the idea.... I NEVER copied the frames/drawings, as you have alluded. Honestly speaking, plagiarizing is disgusting and I don’t indulge or promote it. I do take inspiration from all the awesome, super talented animators of the world, which I think every new animator strives to emulate until he grows himself out of it. After all, I'm not so gifted and if I borrow some of those bright ideas, it’s perfectly fine. So, I just wanna do the great idea, MY way.

Thanks for your thoughts.. Really appreciated! :)


Anonymous said...


im sorry if i hurt you or anything.. i didnt really mean that you copied the frames.. I was suggesting you should..

Old time animators learned that way right?? They would do inbetweens for great animators.. Thats what I meant.. Infact, its really a fast learning tool to get into that advanced stage really fast.. a lot of tricks like opposing action and stuff can be picked up that way..

oh by the way.. you are making me jealous.. your animations have started to become "next-level"! Congrats! and Kudos on sticking with practising hard. It was a pleasure watching you grow..

By the way.. where are you these days? where do you stay? what do you do??


Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hey DJ!

Wow! This was a late reply! You're replying after about 2 months, right?haha...:D Never mind...

Oh, I'm really sorry man if I took you wrong. Yes, indeed this is the best way to learn! I totally agree.

Thanks a lot for the kind words. I'm glad you like my stuff. I'm just trying hard to get better. And I like your animations too. They are all great and fun to watch. I saw the latest APT demo reel, and your flour sack animations were really one of the best!

Well, right now I'm in New Delhi. I've just finished my demoreel and I'm waiting for the companies to respond. Lets see.... I'm doing my job and working really hard, like hell. Now its all up to God! So, I'm always enjoying my life!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it. :)