Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Life without my computer: Major System Faliure!!

Hi guys!
Right now, I'm trying HARD to recover my computer from a major system error, that may result in DATA LOSS!! I hope that my Maya and Plastic Animation Paper files are safe! Yesterday morning, my computer suddenly crashed... I'm not sure why!! Now it won't start :(

I'm really worried about my data. I hope I'll be able to save them and transfer them to my old computer, or whatever.
I had trust on my computer....Now I've learned NOT to trust a computer that much. They really aren't trust worthy. I was about to wrap up my demo reel and this is what I got... a BIG problem!

Life is really not the same without my computer. Its so boring. I don't have anything to do.... I CAN'T ANIMATE!!!!!! AND I FEEL SO HELPLESS AND HANDICAPPED WITHOUT MY COMPUTER. I wish I had a lightboard and good supply of animation paper!! But too bad, I don't have all that. Now, all I can do is make sketches with a pencil. Right now, I'm using my old computer, and it doesn't have Maya. And I don't wanna burden this old computer with Maya. I'm really thankful to this old computer that I'm able to write all this and I can access my internet! I tried to install Plastic Animation Paper, but its not working due to some graphics card problem. Its an old computer you know!

I just want my computer back! ...(CRYING!...)

Oh! dear computer...when will you come back? Your sweet humming sound still echoes in my ear and my eyes sink in tear!! Please come back, please come back....

So guys, please pray for my computer and my data!! If they're gone, I'll be in a big loss!


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