Saturday, April 07, 2007

Meet Harrytoodle Bogart!

Hey folks!
Meet my imaginary jungle friend,
Harrytoodle Bogart. He lives on an island named Isla Tubular! I met Harrytoodle when I was spending my holiday in the paradise land of Isla Tubular. Oh! He is a very good cook! He can cook almost anything. One of my favorite is his Stupeline Rock Soup!! mmmm....yummy!! Stupeline is a special kind of rock found only on the mountains of Isla Tubular. When you put that rock into boiling water, add some special kind of leaves and vegetables, and heat it for about 10 minutes or so, the water starts to turn red and you get a delicious soup.... Only Harrytoodle and his family knows how to make it. It will really make you hungry for more!
Too bad, I forgot to take my camera along with me. Well, here's a rough drawing of Harrytoodle Bogart. Hope you like it!

Software used : Adobe Photoshop CS2


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