Thursday, May 17, 2007

WIP....Ball guy 3d...(UPDATE)

Okay guys and gals, here's an update and it is still in stepped tangents. This animation is not as easy as I thought. I had to deal with some really complex motion and object interaction which was really not that easy. But I believe somehow, I've managed to do things quite efficiently...(maybe!) And again, I realized the importance of arcs and spacing!

Yep,the hands are hidden right now... as I'll start to work on them NOW. Thanks to Harsha for spotting a spacing error (I'm glad you noticed that little thing... and that little thing made a huge difference!). And thanks to Jocelyn, for bombarding me with her a awesome critiques. You AM ladies are always helpful....woooooooot!

Anyhoo, here's an update:

Update (still STEPPED MODE...arrrghh!!)

I'm working on it guys. I'm trying hard to make it better! Stay tuned...


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