Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And Bamm! - WIP

Hi everyone!
Here's my animation "AndBamm!" just after the linear pass cleanup. Yes, I like to call it "AndBamm!". Aaah! Finally I got some time for this one! I still need to convert it into spline, clean up the whole thing and work more on the ball's overall motion. I'm using this Bloke character for the first time, and I like it!
I tried to make it look like stop motion. I know, I'm not that successful in my attempt. heh.. I just wanted to try something new. Well, here's the preview render of the WIP.... "AndBAMM!!"

After I'm done with this animation, I'll concentrate more on some advanced acting type animations where you'll see some cool camera moves, multiple shots, two person dialog etc. I'm learning more about acting and storytelling now. Learning never stops, huh? Its fun! hehe....

Well for now, I've to clean this up in spline and work more on that ball! Stay tuned.

-A :)

P.S. You can see its 2D planning animation HERE!

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