Friday, June 29, 2007

Finally done!

Finally!! I'm done with my 11 second club acting shot. I really had fun doing it! wweeeeeeee!!!! Well, I wish I had more time for this, about 15 more days or at least 10! For this shot, I had to create about 0.7 seconds of acting based animation per day. Which is kinda fast. As far as I know, Pixar creates about 0.3 seconds of animation per day (thats what I've been told!), and I consider that a standard. I had about 14 days in hand and I spent about 4 days on planning and drawing and the rest on my animation. I had fun doing it, as I really had to PUSH myself hard at the end and speed up everything to meet the deadline, which I consider is a good exercise and it really helps you increase your overall animating speed, and build up your confidence. This was indeed my first full blown acting shot! I've learned a lot doing this, and I hope that I create much better stuff next time! This is just a start.... ;) heh!
Oh yes, I'll show you my animation very soon. So, stay tuned....



DJ said...

dude.. wheres the 11 sec club piece??
Cant wait to see how it turned up.


Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hi Dj!

Sorry about that but, I not making it public right now as I don't want any biased votes. I'll put my animation here very soon! So... keep visiting! :)

It all turned out well, I guess! I'm not too worried about the results though. Who cares about winning and losing? I certainly don't! Yeah! I know I'm a wise guy! hehe... Well, I've learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence from this acting shot and that really makes me feel like a winner! :) So, I tried my best to make this animation look good in just 10 days of time. And I think I'm quite successful in my attempt. :) Cheers!


DJ said...

dude.. i think i know which one is yours.. the sitting on the bed one.. right? did i guess it right?

Amrit Derhgawen said...

AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How can you say that? Because of the poor animation quality? Well.... I don't know! Maybe you're right! There you go... you got your answer! HAHAHAHAHAHA..... lol! And I know which one is yours! That bishop animation is yours and I've already seen that in your Jumpcut page. ;) I clever!

I liked your animation a lot. You're more on the subtle side...which is good. I'm kinda more towards toony side which may or may not be that favorable for me! Lets see... I've got a LOT to learn. Good luck to you!

Cheers! :)