Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Golf play

I couldn't stop myself from making this simple animation in FlipBook. Maybe, I could have pushed my drawing a bit more to make it more toony...but thats okay I have the idea. It took me about an hour to make it. Yeah I know, I'm taking my break from animation... Animating is so much fun (especially in 2D) that its hard for me to stay away for long. I feel like I'm addicted to it.. If I don't animate, I feel uneasy. heh.. I enjoy 3D as well, but right now I wanna stay away from all the technicalities of 3D. Sometimes its enough to drive me batty. This two week break is enough to recharge me again. Yep! Now NO MORE ANIMATION for two weeks!!!!

Colored: This one looks okay but the colors are distracting...and especially those white clouds. Don't you think?

Black and white: This one looks much better.


Jacob said...

Hey Armit,

Do you work with Jason Ryan (from JasonRyanAnimation.com)? Because I know in his video preview he has a 2d golf swing too, and it looks like you guys are using the same program.
Well, how unique is a golf swing, right? I wouldn't have thought twice about it... except that i remember you also had this piece where a guy was trying to stay on a rolling ball in a "half-pipe" style thing - also one of the animations on Jason Ryan's preview.
And since you had a post a bit ago about him, I was just curious if you knew him, or worked for him, or whatever.
Or perhaps it's all just a coincidence?
Happy animating! keep up the good work.

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hi Jacob,

I'm very much inspired by Jason Ryan and his animations. I'm looking forward to join his online animation course so I'm kinda following this super cool animator! heh..... Well, I don't work for him right now.. but if I get a chance someday, I would LOVE to work with/for him. :) Right now I'm looking forward to his online course and I hope I get to learn a lot from Jason Ryan.
For this animation, I've used Digicel FlipBook. And as far as I know Jason likes FlipBook a lot and most of his personal 2d animations are done in FlipBook.

Thanks for visiting. By the way, I must tell you that I really enjoyed your SIGGRAPH’s “FJORG!” competition animation. Good stuff. :)



Jacob said...

Hey Amrit,

I figured that was the case. I'm really looking forward to his tutorials as well, I think they will be really informative, and inspiring too!
Which version of Digicel Flipbook do you have? Lite? Pro? I've been looking into that program for a while now, but still just can't scrounge up the funds. I'm poor. But it looks like its a great program.
Hah, Thanks! I wasn't aware you knew of the FJORG! animation. I'm glad you liked it. We had a blast animating it.
Will you be at SIGGRAPH? if so, stop by the FJORG area and say hi.

Keep rockin the animations!

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hey Jacob,

Thanks again for chiming in...

Yep! Jason's online course is going to be great. I really can't wait for it any longer. :O

I've got Digicel FlipBook Pro and it works great.

One thing that I really like about Flipbook is you can directly import your video reference (jumping, throwing a baseball etc.) into Flipbook and draw on top of it, and make your poses look more appealing by pushing them a bit and adding your artistic touch. Then you can export that from flipbook and import your (hand drawn) video into maya.... Just the way Jason Ryan works inthis video
And finally, your cool looking video reference is ready! Cool isn't it? Overall, I like the feel of the software. No wonder, a lot of Disney animators use it....maybe they like its simplicity!

>>You said: "I've been looking into that program for a while now, but still just can't scrounge up the funds. I'm poor."<<

Okay. Whats your email? ;)

Yep! :D I really wanna be there at SIGGRAPH. Let's see if I get some time! I'm just too busy with my own stuff right now.heh..

Cheers! :)


Jacob said...

my email is:

I was going to just email you.. but I couldn't find YOUR email. heh heh.

I hope you can make it to siggraph!


Amrit Derhgawen said...

Thanks. Check out your email.

You couldn't find my email? If you take a look at the side panel of my blog... you'll find "contact me" at the bottom of the side panel. :D