Saturday, July 07, 2007

Push Pull exercise.....2d planning, R&D

Right now, I'm working hard in 2D and I'm trying to get inside push and pull type animations. In fact, this is my first push and pull animation and soon I'm gonna make it in 3d. I'm studying a lot of reference videos, drawing a lot of thumbnails, doing research on push an pull and watching some good push and pull animations. I must say that I'm getting the hang of it. And working in 2d helps me a lot and forces me to think hard about my poses, timing etc. Very soon you'll see this 2D blocking in 3D. I made this in Plastic Animation Paper. However, soon I'm gonna switch myself to Digicel Flipbook. I have its professional version and I must say that I really love Flipbook. Its really fast and it feels great. So from now on, I'll make all my 2d animations in Flipbook. I'm enjoying it! :)




g1toons said...

nice stuff, nice sense of weight and force

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Thank you! :)

Pawel said...

nice planing but after hi jump to the other side (10 second) the push is too fast the box seems light and then box is heavy again freme counter would be nice :P too.

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hey there pawel,

Thanks for the comment. I'm making this in 3d, so I'll fix all the issues which you may see here in 2d version. Actually I'm really a horrible 2d animator, and I'm working hard to get better in 2d. hehehe.....(I know its a BAD excuse!) I think I'm getting better though.

Ummmm...This is not final (I don't even have secondary breakdowns here!) and the timing which I'm using here is also not final. So, this means, I'll make my 3d one a lot better than this. I made this just to get a hang of push and pull type animations and to use this as a reference. I'm quite successful in that attempt. :)

The guy jumps to the other side to push the block because for him, pushing is a a lot easier than pulling. So, for pushing the block... I may not make him struggle the same amount and I may not show the same amount of effort which he was applying here to pull the block. Also... in the first part, when he starts to push the block, he is not at rest. You should have noticed, he actually runs towards the block and he has got his body momentum too. And as far as I believe, he will not apply the same amount of effort this time. So, I'm not too worried about that part. Its just a matter of timing, and I still have to play a lot with my timing and adjust everything in my 3d version to make it better. :

Thanks a lot! You really made me think... And guess what, in my 3d version I'll try to follow your advice to some extent. So, thanks for reminding me this I'll pay a special attention to that "push" part.