Monday, September 17, 2007

Another doodle : the Pitcher

Just a pass-time doodle. Maybe I'll do a 3d version of it. Lets see!
Yeah, he is Jason Ryan's stick figure character. I call him Stigi! :) You'll find him here on my blog quite often.


DJ said...

get your leg planted down before getting the body into the throw, u know what i mean?

leg should hit the ground and the weight shift occurs after wards..

looking good timing wise.. but the energy of the throw quickly dies away as he is taking just a couple of steps after that, that too small ones, without much body into them.

other than that, looking good!


Amrit Derhgawen said...

Woohoo! Nice point man! I can see it now what you're saying. I showed this 2d to a couple of big boys but they never mentioned it. Strange! Oh well, now I'll remember to study good amount of reference videos before farting out anything from my pencil. If you're drawing something for the first time (without studying reference), you may miss a thing or two. And thats what I did. I just went for it without studying anything, kinda did it from my memory...aaaarrrrgghh.. my fault.

Thanks dude for pointing that out. Glad you like the timing.

Cheers! ;)