Monday, November 05, 2007

Underground Halloween Party

Here's what I've been working on for some time. Now I'm going 100% (I guess!) on Jason Ryan's workflow. And I'm loving it. WOOOOOT!
A few people have asked me (via email).... "Hey ya sucker! Why don't you ever try on subtle acting animations??"
Well... good question! But please, hold on guys.... please.... hold on!! I promise you that I'll show you some really solid acting (subtle realism based and cartoony) animations. I'm not gonna hurry up right now. I know that Jason Ryan will cover these topics in his course. And then, I'll get plenty of time to work on them.
Well for now, check out this new animation!

Thanks to Jason for critiquing this animation. His comments are like gold for people like me. When I talk to him, I soon realize....."aah! I've so much to learn... I'm just a baby!" hehe.... Its really great. And he never fails to encourage. This really helps me push my work even harder! Some of his encouraging words are......

Hey Amrit, this is great. Your timing is beautiful.....very appealing and your 2D is very well thought out. Well done.......J

You're work has a lot of spark, I really appreciate that you push everything so much.....J

Man, you would have rocked on Alvin and the Chipmonks!

Cool! I never expected this kind of appreciation!! I know, I'm still a crappy animator... but, Jason said all this to encourage me and to push me even further. Thanks a lot to Jason for everything. Now I can hardly wait for his new tutorials! I'm so excited right now, that I'm almost jumping like a mad scientist! Emm...errr.... wait a minute! Was that a nonsense? Umm..maybe!

Well, here's the animation (after Jason's comment). Click to play...

This could be the final version. However, I may update this if needed. :) I hope you like it!

EDIT: Finally, ! I got the green signal from Jason. So, this is final! YAY!!

This is how my anim looked before Jason's comment...(Not so good!)



Anonymous said...

wow.. real nice stuff! much to learn, much to learn! :)

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Thanks! ;)

shiva said...

great work amrit

Amrit Derhgawen said...

glad you like it :)

vabhu said...

this is real cool stuff

do u know 1 thing


u r my inspiration buddy


Anonymous said...

hey Buddy ur work is really kool
Keep animating