Thursday, December 20, 2007

FlipBook doodle...

Just a quick little test with flour-sack.
Program used: Digicel Flipbook


DJ said...


looking good! the only comment is that the landing of the sack feels a bit too soft. you can shave one frame on that landing part. or better still, add a little overlap after landing..

keep working!


DJ said...

dude.. what do you think of this ?

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Yo! DJ...

Thanks for chiming in. Glad you like it...and thanks a lot for the suggestions! ;)
The animation war thing looks great. Really nice idea and looks fun. I would really love to participate and provide feedback to people! Unfortunately, I've got lots of unfinished job, including some of my unfinished animations...HUH!! Oh well, Let's see! If I manage to squeeze out some time, I'll surely look into it. Thanks a lot man, for letting me know about this new contest.

Cheers! :)