Thursday, March 13, 2008

My thoughts....

I’ve received a few emails asking me a couple of questions. I’ll answer some of them right here…

1) Hi Amrit! What are your plans for your new job at Dreamworks Animation? And how do you feel about it?

Yeah, I’m feeling really, really excited about my new job!! I’ll be starting as an entry-level animator for Dreamworks Animation and it’s a dream come true! I’m all set to blast! I know. I’ll have to work really hard and keep my learning curve very steep! Since I love my work, it would be really fun for me. :)

Future plans?.... Well, I like to keep myself in present, and I just let the future come to me…. and say “Hi!”. So, I haven’t planned a lot. All I know is work HARD and have FUN! Yeah, you could call it my “mantra”! All I know right now is, I’ll be working really, really hard for my company and try to create some really nice and fun animation for everyone one! :) ………. Wow! I’m making it an essay! Sorry guys… I’ve a bad habit of doing that. Alrighty, next question!

2) Hey there, You got selected! That’s a great news young man! Who would you like to thank?

Firstly, I’m really thankful to God. I don’t know if I deserve it, but these are all his gifts. My first job at Dreamworks!! It was just a dream. I really never expected that! :)

I’m thankful to my friends and family who care for me and encourage me not just to become a better animator, but a better human being all around. I’m thankful to my mentors/animation gurus, Keith Lango, and Jason Ryan. They’ve always been an inspiration for me, and I’ve always wanted to be like them!

Before I subscribed to Keith’s VTS (video tutorial service), I hardly knew what animation was all about. Keith’s VTS is just like gold mine for me and I’ve learned a lot, and still learning tonnes from it!

Jason Ryan has always been kind enough to help me out with my animations and stuff. When I watch him animate something, I’m like….. I wanna DO THAT TOO!! He makes everything so much fun and breaks down the animation process in such a way that everything becomes so easy. Jason has always encouraged me a lot. He is really an inspiration for every animator! He will be starting his new, super cool, online animation tutorials and I’m really very excited about that!! :)

And finally I’m thankful to the great guys at Dreamworks who noticed my talent and gave me this great opportunity to work with them!

Well, that’s it for now guys. See ya’ll soon!

Cheers! :)


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