Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Portrait! WOW!

Hi guys! Yeah... this is my portrait!! WOOOOOT!!!! This is made by a crazy artist/animator Rajesh PK, working with me at Dreamworks. I really don't have words. Thanks Rajesh!!


Ratul Sarna said...

This is great work....Really good likeness! :)

Ravikant Bargale said...

Hi! Amrit

I am Ravi(sun3d), if you remember!

I am very Happy that you are working in one of the biggest animation studios in the world.

Very very Best of Luck to you...!

Well, about me
I am not in a good condition,
Because of heavy use of mouse I hv developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my Wrist!

It is impossible for me to work anymore, I hardly use a computer.
It is like a Bad Dream for me now.

Reply me If you have time!