Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Some Cool Tips and Tricks!

Hi there everyone!

I've been a little under active on my blog, but now you will find me here quite often sharing thoughts, tips/tricks, animation, etc. YAY!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Check out some really cool articles from a good friend and a very nice guy, Kevan Shorey (animator, PDI/Dreamworks and mentor at AnimationMentor.com). Some really gold stuff.

What Is Twinning? When Should You Use Twinning in a Shot?

How Do Animators Use Contrast?

There could be many more, check out his webpage/blog. Enjoy!

Thanks a lot Kevan for sharing all this and letting me link them up here.



Chetan Trivedi said...

cool thanx for sharing the link.

Nate Lane said...

Cool looking forward to it :)