Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I'm back!

Hey everyone!

I'm posting after a very long time here... after about 7 months! Right now I'm doing so many things that it has become hard for me to write anything. First off, I don't get time and secondly, I don't know where to start and where to end, what to write and what to hide. Gosh!!

So, we are done with our first project Merry Madagascar. I'm sure you will be seeing that very soon. It was really a good experience working on this Mad short. We all worked really, really hard to learn the Dreamworks way of working and get anywhere close to that level. There were many sweet and bitter moments, but overall it was totally an awesome experience and we rocked it!!! Everyone worked like hell on this first project and I'm really proud of what we did.
Anyway, after completing my work on this show, I took a few weeks of vacation and headed New Delhi for about a week to meet some of my family members. Really had a good time there. Now that I'm back to Bangalore, I have started working on our new Shrek project. I'm sure it is going to be even better and we are gonna rock it too! Dave Burgess is here in Bangalore and he is working with us on our test shots for the next show and taking some really super cool classes. Dave is awesome!!!! I really can't tell you how much I'm learning and enjoying right now, it's just getting better and better.

I'm also working on a personal animation using Jason Ryan's Boris character. I hope to complete it soon and upload it here.



Swarazo said...

awwwsome man !! gr8 to see you back.


hey Amit nice to see your posting after a l............ong time! congrats on completion of MAD SANTA!

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hey Ashok!

Great to see you here. We all really miss you at work. :( Hope we meet soon. Take care bro.

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