Thursday, July 06, 2006

Throw the Ball...............

Hiya folks!
Yesterday I bought Macromedia Flash MX. And guess what its working great!! It is indeed a very cool 2d animation software. It has pressure sensitivity feature too, which makes drawing a lot more fun! No doubt this has become my favorite 2d animation software. I was having some trouble with PAP lately. PAP is a nice 2d animation software, but I was facing some trouble working on it. It was not working properly with my graphics tablet. Its pressure sensitivity was also not working. So I decided to try out Flash. It works just like PAP or any other 2d animation software. It has a built in "onion skin" feature or a light board feature, which is really great! A very cool software for practicing and learning animation principles. I made this animation on Flash. No doubt, I suck at 2d animation....Oh gosh!! Its not that easy. But I'm trying my best to learn the traditional stuff which really helps making good 3d animations.


Animator said...

Gr8 stuff Amrit.....u hv to draw every frame in flash rite????? is thr any shortcut????


Amrit Derhgawen said...

Yeah, I made this a long time ago in Flash MX. Now I don't use it anyomore. Now I use Plastic Animation Paper or commonly known as PAP.

I'm not sure about any shortcuts! I just use my graphics tablet and draw every frame! heheh.... Thanks for visiting!