Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Character Ball finished......

Hey guys!

Today, I'm done with SHOT-2. I've compiled SHOT-1 and SHOT-2, and now I'm done with my animation!
I could've worked longer on this, but I've to finish up lots of other things. So, this if final.

Thanks for visiting!


bala said...

hey amrit...
ths a cool anim...it has d same concept with which what i did a few days b4 n posted in cgtantra...but a new flavour..cool..
heyya..cld u help me abt keith lango's subscription...hw mch(indian rs) does it come for a month subscription?..once u get subscribed,'ill u be getting access to all his old VTS?..

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hey there Bala!

Thanks!Glad you like it! You better go to www.keithlango.com to get all the information on keith's VTS. It costs around $15/month which is about Rs.675/month (indian currency). Yes indeed!! After subscribing it, you'll get the access to all the previous videos!


Anonymous said...

It's really a good animation, Amrit.
I'm a starter in animation and now working with bouncing ball. plz give me some advice.
Email Id-