Monday, June 18, 2007

Helping out .....

Made this quick little animation test for a friend to help him out with jumps.


DJ said...


Animatino looks good.. one thing i noticed is that the hands/flaps on the top of the sack are not overlapping.. you might wanna work on that.. especially durng the first two anticipatory jumps..

next is the spacing.. you can hang more in the air and go up and down faster to be more snappier..

upper body could squash and bend a bit more at the peak of the arc of the jump.. and after landing, a bigger squash with overlap would give it more fluidity.. but it could just be me..

good work.. you are always inspirational with how much work you are putting in to animation..

keep rocking!

See you around on the 11 sec club!

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Oh YEAH! You GOT me here! heheh.... I totally agree with you. Don't worry, it'll not go into my reel. heheh..I made this just to help my friend in jumps. I'm working on something else and I did everything too quickly, maybe just a few hours. I know its a stupid excuse. heheh.... Well, you're right about the overlaps and I usually don't forget adding nice overlaps, I love 'em! Maybe I could've spent another 3 to 4 hours fine tuning the animation... and I totally skipped that part!
And you're right about spacing too. I know, you're the MASTER of flour sacks! heh.... One of these days, I gotta learn some flour sack animation from you. I really love animating them.
Thanks a lot for taking out time and making cool comments dj. I appreciate it. I'll keep them in mind and will show you some better looking flour sack animations in future. That'll make you shout...."HOLY COW......MAN!! This is COOOOL!" mwaahahaha... How did you do that!!...... (just kidding)LOL... Let's see :D

Thanks again dj.

-A :)