Monday, August 06, 2007

Final linear stage...taking my time

I'm in the final stages of my linear cleanup and I'm taking my time. This is the part where I finish about 99% of my animation and fix the last 1% in spline. In spline, I don't animate at all. I just delete the redundant keys and I may push a few keys up or down in the graph editor to make things look better, and thats all I do. Spline will be tackled quickly as compared to linear. Linear is quite a challenge, because this is the part where I refine every action; add moving holds, add micro anticipations which are hardly visible @ 24 fps, add extra overlap/drag, adjust my timing, cross check my arcs, etc. So, linear stage is all about fixing and refining. I'm working hard on those curves too to make them look pretty in Graph Editor and at the same time fixing my every move. As Keith says about curves in Graph Editor; "If they look good in linear, they will look great in spline! You may have to fix those tangents a bit to make the f-curves flow nicely and you're done.."
Also, I'm trying my best to keep that 2D/cartoony feel. I'm not much interested in that super polished, shining, CG feel. Yeah of course, it should look clean and nice. So, working on it. I hope the final linear animation looks pretty good and cartoony. Keep visiting!


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