Friday, August 03, 2007

Push and Pull (WIP) : Cleaning up linear

Nope! I said NO.... No updates to show you guys right now. I'm in linear tangents and cleaning up the mess. You know, in stepped it doesn't look like a mess, but once you interpolate it starts becoming a mess. Thats the reason I wanted to keep this animation in stepped. I like the 2d feel of stepped tangents. Yeah I know, I'm inspired by Keith and his two second animation, which is a final animation in stepped. Its really cool and 2d-ish.
Honestly speaking, I hate this 'fixing graph' business. And after reading keith's posts, I've started to hate them even more (now don't get me wrong, he is not telling people to hate them!). It makes me feel sick, and this is the part of CG animation that I hate the most. Fixing those god damn f-curves is not-t-tt-ttt animation. I just don't consider that a part of this art, which we call 'animation'. Yeah of course you fix a lot of of stuff in there in the spaghetti box and refine the overall motion, but its REALLY boring (for me! and maybe for you too). It drives me insane. And the worst is yet to come - When I enter the spline mode; where I'll be found cleaning up those 'computer poop' in the GE. Clean up business takes forever and sometimes I really feel like blowing up my computer. Ah! yeah, yeah, I know that every CG animator has to do this and thats what I'm doing right now. And yes, I'll just clean up the important parts of the character body and a few important attributes, and will leave the rest as it is.
Keep visiting! I'll post an update soon!


p.s. And if I feel really bored and sick, I'll just finalize the animation in stepped and enjoy my cool 2d feel... but I don't think I'll do that! Lets see.. ;) Right now, I'm tired and I haven't finished reading my Harry Potter book. So for now, I'll be reading that! (relief....) HAHAHA.... Wow!Now I'm noticing.. I've written this LONG post just to tell you guys how much I hate working in the Graph Editor. LOL... How silly am I...


Raoul Olou said...

I think if it look good in stepped when you finalize the animation why not leave it that way? , I mean it's a style and as long as you're happy whith the result it's cool :D
anyway cool jobs on your animation

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hi Shaa,

Well, thanks. Yeah, of course it looks quite good in stepped and I can leave it as it is. However, now I'm half way done with my linear cleanup (its A HELL of work especially in this type of full body mechanics/object interaction animation) and I'm refining the animation even more. I've added some moving holds, micro anticipations, overshoots, extra drag/overlap etc. right in the Graph Editor. So, I think its looking quite good. Though, I'm trying hard to keep that 2D feel. heheh. So, I guess I'll simply continue doing it the CG way.
This will definitely go into my reel and most of the animation studios prefer highly polished CG animation. I certainly don't want them to consider this a crap and throw it away. So, I don't think that I'm in a position to experiment too much with my demo reel stuff. So, I better keep my things in the safe side.
And yes, spline looks really great if you know what you're doing. I believe that, I know what I'm doing in GE. I'm quite used to it and its not new for me. And when I fix those curves I actually see things taking a better shape. It starts looking cool. So, I don't hate them..but yes its really time consuming to fix almost every tangent of your curves and delete those redundant keys!

Cheers for visiting! :)