Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Update # 6 : Push and Pull

Okay here's an update. ;)



Rowan Simpson said...

Hey Amrit,
I was loving this peice from the 2D stages, I think you have some GREAT! poses and movement in there. I have yet to do a Push and Pull it sure doesnt look easy.

On Frame 79 I feel he needs an anticipation before starting the pull on frame 80

On Frame 108 when he goes forward before pulling back up, maybe you could try dipping his head forward and bending his thorax forward a bit more before the pulling up.

Frame 257 is one of my favorite poses. But from 257 up to 270 feels a bit awkward to me. You have these really interesting breakdowns on 259 and 260 but then he reaches the box at frame 265 and all of that explosiveness seemed to have fizzled out by the time he starts to push the box. I think coming out of such an explovive move he would go right into pushing the box.

at frame 432 where it seems to me he is making a final "wrrrrrAAAAAAAAHHHH" I think you need have him bring his leg in under him to take some of his weight as he body goes down a bit to anticipate the move. I love the action but the change of what happends between 405-430 and 432 to end doesnt read so well to me.

Also I feel like the box weight doesnt feel consistant throughout.

But I think its looking great and I hope mine comes out half as good as this one whenever i get to it.

Keep up the good work and Thank you again for all the helpful E-mails.

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hi Rowan!

Thanks a lot for the detailed critique. I totally agree with some of your points. Lets see what I can do to fix them now. I'll try my best to follow them. You know, after working on something for hours and hours my eyes get used to that and it becomes hard for me to judge it properly. So thanks a lot for chiming in. :)

For this animation, I'm not going for too much realism. I just want everything to flow well. I'm trying to make it totally cartoony and 2d-ish. Some of my breakdowns may look a bit awkward and unbalanced but they are just there to assist the motion and to make a proper flow between two poses. I may not even convert this into linear or spline as I like this 2d look and most of my animation is in 2s and 1s.
You've got some valid points here so I'll work on them. Wait for the next update. ;)



Rowan Simpson said...


I love the fact that your experimenting, I wish I was that brave at the moment. I know exactly what your going through after seeing it so much you just dont know what is working and what isn't anymore. But like you said this is one of the many reasons why its great to have a blog.

I visit your blog very often, your work and especially your workflow really inspires me. So keep it up :)

Amrit Derhgawen said...


Thanks for the kind words. :)

You guys are very helpful and encouraging. I get to learn a lot from you people. Keep visiting. :D


damncreative said...

Dude its nice. dont u think it resembles one of the student's work from animation mentor winter reel. but i appreciate the effort.:)

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Damncreative : Yes it does look like that. You're the second one to say that. Yep, I liked that AM animation a lot and I learned quite a bit from that. Thats why it has got that flavor. LOL! I guess so! heh..
If you see something good; learn from it as much as you can, but DO NOT copy! Thats how I like to learn. :)
For this animation, I've learned MOSTLY by studying live action reference and a reference video sent by Keith Lango. And that AM video too was a great help. :)


damncreative said...

hey thats cool. but gr8 work though. like the finishing. has a nice build up. gr8 work dude. keep it up. enjoy and keep rocking:)